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Pure Bear Oil Blend 2 oz
Pure Bear Grease to relieve Eczema, Arthritis Pain, Joint Pain, Scars, Hemorrhoid's, Great on Tattoos to heal and preserve color.
Pure Bear Oil Blend 2 oz

Pure Bear Oil Blend 2 oz

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Pure Bear Oil Blend...a must have in everyone’s home.

This Product is a Unique Blend of 100% Pure Bear Grease, Shea Oil, a touch of beeswax and a secret amazing scent.

I started using Bear Grease for my Osteoarthritis.  I have long suffered from the severe pain in my joints that are a result of having arthritis.  For years before I had tried pain meds, and many other creams and ointments.   I started using Pure Bear Fat on my skin and I have never used anything since.  Although it didn’t smell great It worked amazing.  It quickly reduced the inflammation and pain.  As my friends mentioned the smell occasionally,  it encouraged me to try and add some essential oil to aid with the scent.  
And that’s how BEAR NAKED WONDERS was born.  Same old traditional Bear Grease But smells much better.   I just had to do what I could to help others have the same access to this amazing natural resource as every Indigenous person or Hunter has. 

Indigenous and European people have been using Bear Grease for centuries. It’s the same traditional rendered Bear Fat just smells so much better.  It’s a very nice mild woodsy scent that’s now enjoyable to wear.

After sharing with family and friends who also have skin issues with everything from Bug bites, cuts, scars, eczema, and poison ivy we learn everyday that this Bear Grease is what we all keep in our Fridge and is our family and friends one and only topical medicinal cream that we keep on hand.  I should also mention that I had surgery on my hand to remove the arthritic bones that resulted in over 20 very unsightly ugly stitches.  Immediately after surgery I began applying the Bear Grease.  Even the surgeon was shocked to see that it not only speeded the healing process from what should have been 3 weeks down to just over 1 week and my ugly scar is hardly noticeable.  I Consider myself Blessed to have the use of this Natural resource.  

You can read our testimonials on This website to see what other people are using our Bear Grease for and how they Love it.  

Let us know what you use it for and how it worked for you!!!

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