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Handmade 100% Natural Bear Oil Products

We bring the wonders and miracles of nature into your home.


Bear Naked Wonders

Bear  =  Black Bear 
Naked = pure and natural products ​
Wonders =  extraordinary benefits, miracle cream, does wonders

Bear oil or grease is made from the rendering of bear fat.  It's proven benefits and properties have been used traditionally in many applications as early as 1822.

​Bear oil is still used today for salves, ointments, hair growth, hair lustre, beard and moustache care, skin care such as rashes, arthritis pain, and many cosmetics.  It's one of the world's most popular pomades for your hair that gives it a sleek look while restoring your hair and scalp.

​Bear Naked Wonders are created from scratch using owner Nancy's homemade recipes.  She mixes and blends each ingredient in small batches to ensure a fresh, quality product.

Find out about the benefits of bear oil here.


Featured Product


"I can attest to these products as they are made by a person who knows about bear teachings and the respectful way to harvest bear.  Black bear is now apparently overpopulated in Manitoba and this young woman has hunted her own bears and made these amazing products.  I have tried several of them and feel the healing qualities from bear spirit and teachings when I use them." 

     J. Carriere.

"The Bear Oil is great, my wife suffers from excessive dry hands and she loves it, great product and will definitely buy again. Thanks very much!!" 

 Walter Wiens

Bear Naked Wonders

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