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Benefits of Bear Oil

Bear oil is still used today for salves, ointments, hair growth, hair lustre, beard and moustache care, skin care such as rashes, arthritis pain, and many cosmetics.  It's one of the world's most popular pomades for your hair that gives it a sleek look while restoring your hair and scalp.

Although each item has a small amount of beeswax in it to preserve the creams, it typically has a shorter shelf life and should be kept at room temperature or in the fridge.

A little goes a long way with Bear Oil.  Just a drop or small amount is all that's needed in almost all applications.

Our local Black Bear has an unusual amount of fat on their bodies as they prepare for hibernation.  The Bear survives all winter on this built up fat energy.  Imagine what it does for healing properties and hair and skin care.  Bear fat contains elements that are rich and in that will draw energy to the area it is placed on.

Many bear hunters only eat the meat of the bear and the fat is generally not used and is thrown away.  At Bear Naked Wonders we have asked our network of butchers and bear outfitters to put aside the bear fat for us.

We are lucky indeed!  This resource not only uses the portions that would generally be wasted, but we get to discover the EXTRAORDINARY BENEFITS OF BEAR FAT...