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Benefits And the Source of Our Bear Oil

Our Products are 100% All Natural and contain NO water or chemicals . We use a small amount of Beeswax and/or Shea Oil in the products to preserve the creams and oils. Products typically have a shorter shelf life and should be kept at room temperature or in the fridge.

A little goes a long way with Bear Oil.  Just a drop or small amount is all that's needed in all applications. If it’s Oily, you’ve used too much. 

The Bear survives all winter on its fat alone..  Imagine what it does for healing properties and hair and skin care.  Bear fat contains elements that are rich and in that will draw energy to the area it is placed on.

All our products are made following ethical and sustainable practices, gathering and recycling products that would normally be discarded and wasted. Instead, Bear Naked Wonders has found a way to collect what would be discarded and have created an amazing All Natural selection  of Products 

Outfitters across Manitoba do thier part to ”USE IT ALL” and provide Bear Naked Wonders the Fat from the Black Bear Hunts.  We are licensed by Manitoba Conservation to collect the fat and add into our line. 

Bear Oil has been used since the early 1800s.  It has, Over hundreds of years proven its healing properties. Even though it had been used all those years it was ONLY available to the hunters themselves.  Rather than throwing it away we now make it available to EVERYONE 

We personally pickup from the Outfitters, We render the fat the Old Fashioned Way and still mix, make, package and label every item by hand in our home. 
We are lucky indeed!  This resource not only uses the portions that would generally be wasted, but we get to discover the EXTRAORDINARY BENEFITS OF BEAR FAT...