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I just wanted to write to you to put another skin disorder that has pretty much cured my poison ivy. I got my last case of poison ivy from my husband & 4 year old - I didn’t even touch it & somehow I got it worse than both of them! I tried the prescription ointment from the doctor, rubbing alcohol, aveeno lotion, coconut oil - you name it, I tried it. And none of it worked. I found your bear oil at a local health food store & remembered my aunt telling me how good bear oil is for skin conditions. I bought a one ounce jar on Thursday night & used it all up by the following Tuesday! Now, normally, I wouldn’t use that much but I had poison ivy for the previous 3 weeks, from my neck down to my ankles. It made the poison ivy almost disappear! I have some weird, dry patches that need some more tlc with your bear oil! I have no doubt that it will solve those too! Such amazing stuff! Thanks for making such a great product that really works!


I love it so much!!!!! I got hooked on it when I ran out of face cream at Clear Lake this year. Now I’ll tell everyone who will
Listen to me talk about how amazing it is here in kelowna! (I’m originally from winnipeg)
It’s the best!!! Everyone asks how I look so young for my age, and I tell them ‘it’s bear oil!!!’




I recently got a product for my birthday last month its bear oil in a little glass jar it works amazingly. I use it when my eczema gets out of hand and clears it up instantly.

Nikkie Marie 

Hi Nancy! I just recently purchased the hair oil through Amazon, and I just wanted to personally THANK YOU, I am beyond pleased with your product! I saw results literally immediately. My hair is halfway to my knees and I just combed it all out in less than two minutes. And I only used a dime-sized amount. My ex boyfriend complimented my hair. It looks like a shampoo comercial. This is miraculous and I am already raving to everyone. Thank you so much!

I kept this pretty quiet, but I’m so happy with the results I thought I would post it. A week ago last Tuesday I went in for “surgery” to remove a growth. I’ve been in hiding because I was really hating having this pea sized open area on my face. I had some bear grease from Bear Naked Wonders, so I decided to give it a try. A week later it is almost completely healed. Zero itch, no infection and likely no scar. I’m impressed with this product and highly recommend it! I’ve used rendered bear grease to treat wounds on horses with incredible results. No white hair grew back on them. Make sure you check out their Facebook page or contact Nancy directly. Tell em I sent you!

Harmy Jay when I first got it I was a little scared to open it. I’ve been working on greasy, stinky bears for almost 20 years so I was prepared for it to smell like a bear. I was so surprised that it smelled good!


Bear Naked Wonders products are amazing. Lip chap, hand balm, leather care,...I deal with bruins as well and know how stinky and greasy they can be. It honestly works.  HARMY JAY 

With all the time I spend outdoors, my lips usually get quite dry especially in the winter months. I've used several different lip balms to try and keep my lips hydrated and moisturized, but found I was applying many times a day and they never seemed to actually moisturize my lips.
After I started using the lip balm from Bear Naked Wonders, my lips immediately felt hydrated and after a few days I was only applying it once or twice a day. I definitely noticed a huge difference with this lip balm and can honestly say its more effective than any other balm I've tried.
I've been using products from Bear Naked Wonders for over a year now and I'm amazed at how well the all natural products work.
If you haven't heard of or used products from Bear Naked Wonders then check out the entire line up at                   BEVERLY REYNOLDS 

These products are amazing!!                               JEANETTE HALL 

I LOVE mine also... because I am 'OLDER" and never looked after my skin this has been amazing... I use the wrinkle at night and the body butter as a primer before makeup... love love it... ❤️❤️   Bev Loss Adair 

Have been using Bearly My Age on my face every night for a year and a half. No more dry skin in winter. Love it.     Sylvia Lavallee 

I use the oil ,it took day 4 for it to kick in and work wonders on my soar joints .the sales person told me it works differently on each person and was told if it wasn't instant keep trying . Sure enough day 4 was it .  
...Lynda Monkman 
Honestly, I'm amazed! AMAZED!!!! I am one to almost never post with no filter, I never stick to routine with creams and lotions. But I honeslty get excited when it's time to put this on every night before bed! I wake up and my face is still moisturized and ready for makeup! Lol
It truly does amazing things! I dont find it too greasy either. It's perfect! I feel my skin tightening each use!
Who knew bear grease can do such extraordinary things!!

This stuff is awesome!! My baby has dry skin so bad everywhere. Aveeno baby and coconut oil wasn’t helping at all. I used this twice on him and now his skin is great and not dry!!! I swear by it! It works!!

Even during all my Travels ill only use Bear Naked Wonders products!! Fancy hotel soaps and lotions have nothin on them!!

Love how they are the perfect size to put in my carry on when traveling by plane. Definitely the Best Products I've used and won't go anywhere without them.

It has been amazing for Zayn!!! Has reallllly helped his eczema 😁   DAIZEE DOERKSEN

Hands Down!!! Best Lip Balm ever! 

I put on couple hours ago and lips are still silky!!! Who knew bear fat can do such amazing things! My lips have been chapped for over a week!

 Bear grease works wonders!!

I used it on my belly all throughout my pregnancy...not 1 stretch mark! 🙌🏻               EMILY ROBINSON 

I'm using the wrinkle cream! Love it! Still moisturized in the morning before makeup application! Looooove it!! 

A little goes a long way I find. As it warms it melts on the skin! So need very little. I dont find it too greasy no! I love how my face feels after!   CRYSTAL MURRAY